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  • Labor Day picnic 2015
    Labor Day picnic 2015
  • xây cất lối xe vào 10/15/2015
    xây cất lối xe vào 10/15/2015
  • Tin Lành Hy Vọng picnic 

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Church Annual Labor Day Picnic 9/7/2015

Special free service to Viet students

Tin Lành Hy Vọng
(what's the Good news?)
Sự Sống hạnh phúc đời đời  là sao? (what is LIFE?)

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Tin tức những tháng trước

Tin Lanh Hy Vong Sacramento exists to share God's love and salvation. Vietnamese Hope Baptist Church proclaims the good news of Jesus Christ and bring hope to sinners according to the Christian Bible . Pastor Tuan Phan welcomes you and your family to come join us for worship and fellowship. We also have wonderful youth and children programs in English.
Note: There are several Christian congregations sharing our church facility all day Sunday to worship God in different languages: English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish, Hmong.  Contact Pastor Tuan Phan for more details.